Quick SignsQuick Sign A-Frame $99.99

2 full color PVC signs

included in price!
Sign Area: 18″x24″ No Clips, Bolts, Latches or Added Parts Molded-In Handle.

• Change pvc signs in seconds with no extra hardware. Once installed, signs stay securely locked in place. • Won’t tear or scratch car seat upholstery. Plastic is far more friendly than steel. • High density polyethylene assures no rust, splinters, discoloration or maintenance. • Attractive, light weight, durable and inexpensive.
• Molded-in handle assures easy portability.

• Molded-in regress helps protect sign faces.

• Display two signs per unit.

• Molded-in ‘stacking lugs’ nest into each other when units are stacked which prevents sliding.



A-frame SignsSimpo Sign A-frame $139.99

High Density of Polyethylene w/Molded in Handle
Sign Area: 22″x28″ *Comes with 2 full color slidable pvc signs included!

• Change PVC Signs in seconds
• Blanks quickly slide in and out and stay securely in place
• No bolts, latches, added parts or special treatment
• Can use all Sign blanks including coroplast and aluminum
• Regressed sign face is 22” by 28”, the standard dimension for all retail signs



Spiral SignsWing Sign Frame $249.99

2 full color PVC signs included 32.75″H x 24″W x 2.5″D (40″H x 26″W on base assembly)
Weight: 11 lbs! Also available in 2 other sizes
WindSign II: 40.75″H x 26″W x 2.5″D (48″H x 26″W on base assembly) weight: 12 lbs.

• Springs connect the frame to the base allowing sign to resist strong winds and return to upright position.
• “Quick change” feature enables sign blanks to be changed in seconds and stay securely in place. No clips, bolts or special treatment.
• Sand or water fillable plastic base with factory installed wheels. Free funnel included to facilitate loading.
• Base weighs 90 lbs. when filled with sand and 45 lbs. when filled with water
• Molded-in tie down hole allows chaining or wiring the base, deterring theft.
• Attractive plastic frame design eliminates torn miters and jammed latches. Won’t rust or splinter.
• Two-sided (hold two signs per frame). Can accommodate coroplast, aluminum, acrylic, or any foamboard



A-Frame Sign / Side Walk Sign $209.99

Price includes full color print of 2 PVC signs and the durable plastic A-frame.
Also available in Black same price.

These stands can be internally weighted down with sand. Vinyl graphics can be applied directly to the sign area of the sign stand or sign faces can be attached with velcro, double stick tape, rivets, or the optional Screw-in hardware allows for changeable sign faces. There are two important things to know before using any of these Plasticade sign stands. One is how much sand to use when adding internal weight to the stand (if needed). You should only put 5 lbs (or about a coffee can full) in each side. That comes to about 6 inches in the bottom of each side. You do NOT want to fill them up all the way to the top with sand or they will bend. The second thing is that you will need to prepare the surface with isopropyl alcohol and “flame treatment” if you are applying an adhesive backed vinyl decal directly to the sign area or it may not stick to the surface. You do not need to use isopropyl alcohol if you are attaching a completed sign to the sign area of the sign stand.

• All Plastic Sign Stands
• Regressed sign area helps to protect sign faces
• Frames hold 2 signs 24” W x 36” H
• Sign face can receive vinyl sheeting (with surface preparation), metal, coroplast, or acrylic sign blanks
• Can be internally ballasted with sand, free funnel with every sign stand
• Molded-in handle for easy portability
• Stacking lugs facilitate handling by keeping stacked units from sliding and damaging sign faces



Spinner SignsSpinner Signs San Diego 

$139.99 Price includes Full color one sided spinner arrow.
$159.99 Price includes Full color Two sided spinner arrow 

Width: 72″ Height: 24″ 10mm Cloroplast sign with handles. No one will miss your advertisement with Signs Done Fast’s beautiful spinner sign displays.

Signs San Diego Spinner signs are the best for getting attention along roadsides. At Signs San Diego super special spinner sign prices, get 100’s of impressions every day from the day you start your campaign.

Why pay San Diego city permits and sign regulations? Signs San Diego has a better solution! Human arrows, directional signs, sign flippers and sign spinners are by far the most effective ways for small businesses to advertise their services with lots of excitement! Signs San Diego offers spinner signs that are strong, lightweight, mulit-colored, and inexpensive. We serve to customers all over San Diego with quality spinner signs that only Signs San Diego can privide.



Swooper Flags SignsSwooper Flags $89.99

Price includes choice of over 200 stock designed swooper flags.
Comes with pole and spike. Custom flags are available for $189.99.

Designed to gain the immediate attention of those passing-by, these banners can withstand the types of outdoor extremes that other forms of signage fall prey to Wind Banners.

Swooper flags are the latest and greatest way of promoting your business. At low cost and maintenance, a slight wind will make your swooper flags come to life.

The light weight durable material makes swooper flags easy to handle and to care for. Our flags are available in a multitude of designs and colors. There is a flag for every need.

Are you afraid sales are not picking up or how you expected it to be? Buy our swooper flags now and post them around your lot and see the difference.



Yard Signs100 Yard Signs $399.99

Price includes 100 Coroplast 18″ x 24″ 1 color, 1 side signs. *Does not include H-sticks.

Yard signs are an effective, low cost way to attract attention. Our 100 pack bundle is a great way to get exposure in your neighborhood!

One of the best ways to let a neighborhood know of the service you provided to a previous client is by placing a painting signs or contractor signs in your customer’s lawn to let neighbors know who provided the services. Whether you constructed a new roof, provided landscaping work, installed new gutters, offered tree trimming or any other home improvement service, these signs san diego are great for getting your business name in the community so others can observe your work and know who to contact you for similar home improvement work.

Other benefits include the fact that you can post these yard signs on the side of the street all over town offering your services to the community and the best part is that these signs are cheap enough to not worry when they get taken down or destroyed.



Car Door Magnetics (Pair) $79.99

Car Doors MagneticsPair of 12″x24″ Full Color printed car door magnets. other sizes available

Our magnetic signs allow you to change your every day vehicle into a rolling advertising machine. These removable magnetic signs/car door magnets are printed in full color with your logo or message. We use only high quality .30 Caliber material designed to last and last. Whether it’s one car or a fleet of trucks let Signs Done Fast put your message on the road.

Your budget should never force you to avoid advertising your business. By purchasing magnetic car signs/ car door magnets at Signs Done Fast you will receive full color printing to promote your business on your automobile. Our easily changeable magnetic car door sign can display your identity professionally and create an immediate response. Signs Done Fast car sign prices can fit your budget and fulfill your needs.



Neon Signs San Diego Prices vary per project. Starting At $399.99

Signs Done Fast’s first step in creating in your custom neon sign is taking your ideas and plotting them on a fire resistant stencil. This will allow our master tube benders to properly and accurately bend neon tubes into the right shape and design for your sign. Once the glass has been molded we vacuum suck all the air from the tubes and pump gas inside to create the “glow”. We test the connections and seal off the ends. At this point, we need to dip the back of your custom sign into black glass paint to help the lettering and design stand out. Once dry, we then mount the sign into a black or clear backing and wire in the transformer to power your new sign.



Light Box Signs Price includes sign, artwork, installation, and ballast.

One of the most common forms of electrical outdoor signs you will see are the wall or box sign. These square or rectangular shaped signs can be found in every city across the country.

We build all of our sign cabinets to UL48 and CA Title 24 specifications. We also follow all ANSI guidelines to ensure your signage is 100% engineered to last for years to come.



Monument Signs Prices vary based on project type. Installation included.

Monument entry signs are designed to be placed on permanent structures made of brick, stone, metal, or wood. Exterior monument signs can also be free-standing, using built in heavy support systems. Free-standing, custom monument signs are usually 10 feet or longer in length and are usually seen at the entrances to subdivisions and condos.

Signs Done Fast designs, manufactures, and installs main identification signs. This includes: monument signs, pylons signs, and tenant identification panels to meet all your needs! This includes clients from local developers of retail and office projects, to regional or national accounts.



Channel Lettering LED Channel Letters Price vary’s per project, Any size available!

hannel Letters are currently the number one choice of sign identification for business professionals. These products can be used for internal and external storefronts. Signs Done Fast offers a complete range of channel letter products, typestyles and custom logos.

Front lit are the most common channel letter type. As the name implies, these signs emit illumination only from the front (or face) of the letters. They are often used in both shopping malls and outdoor plazas.

Front lit channel letters can be either raceway or flush mounted, and can use either neon or LED illumination. Channel letters San Diego can produce this letter type in many different font and color combinations.

Front lit are also sometimes called “standard” channel letters. Please contact us for a prompt wholesale channel letter quotation.

For Front Lit channel letter signage, Signs Done Fast offers:

  • Any font style
  • 5″ prefinished aluminum returns
  • Aluminum backs
  • Acrylic faces
  • 1″ Trim cap
  • Neon or LED illumination
  • U.L. Listed

We can fabricate nonstandard letters according to your specifications.

All of our channel letters are U.L. listed, and we use only the highest quality materials along with proven components when assembling your sign.