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In addition to creating all kinds of custom signs, Signs Done Fast also offers service, installation, and permitting. We are familiar with San Diego permitting regulations and can walk you through the entire permit and install process.

Some of Our Services Are:


Whether your sign is to be placed indoors or outdoors, we are ready to make it happen. Our team of qualified technicians will arrive at your site to install the signs with the proper techniques, care, and equipment. Signs Done Fast has extensive experience in the installation of signage of any complexity. Our certifications and licenses assure you of efficient and safe signage projects.


Most modern-day signage is very durable and requires little in the way of repairs. However, older signs often need upkeep to insure they stay reliable as a marketing tool. Over time signs can lose their brilliance from exposure to the intense Arizona sun, water damage, wind damage and from aging of wiring and other components. We have been around since 1986 and have numerous years of industry sign repair experience.


Sign engineering is a combination of calculations, drafting and practical experience in the manufacture of signs. Signs Done Fast has the practical experience and a network of licensed structural engineers to handle your next sign project. Professional experts will develop a presentation of the project engineering for client review.


We ensure that every sign meets the specific city ordinance regarding the signage codes and restrictions. Our company has years of experience when it comes to helping our customers acquire the necessary permit approvals.


We can build almost anything! From a towering pole sign, to complete wayfinding systems. Signs and displays are crafted by our expert employees using the latest techniques and technology. A fully-staffed metal shop handles all the cabinet and metalwork and certified welders make sure the job is done right. Your sign is not complete until a durable paint finish has been applied by our paint and coating department.

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