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PVC Signs


PVC, or polyvinyl cholride, is a rigid material made from a strong durable plastic. It is both economical and extremely versatile, making it a popular choice for a variety of signs both indoor and outdoor. It is water and dent resistant, as well as flame retardant. 

  • Smooth Finish on both sides showcases colo, text, and images
  • Commonly used as retail store display inserts, point-of-purchase displays, menu boards, retail store and office wall décor, directional and informational signage, interior 3D lettering, tradeshow signage, and outdoor signage
  • Weather Resistant

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About Product

PVC Plastic Signs are a great solution for short-term outdoor and long-term indoor usage. The material is a smudge-resistant material with a neat and attention-grabbing look.

Most of the time, these lightweight signs are used as office name plaques, decorative artwork, directional signs, real estate or yard signs. They are also often used at trade shows and expos, promotional events, etc. Designate your brand name on PVC Signs to leave a professional impression on potential customers.

PVC van be used not only for business needs, but can also make beautiful interior decorations.

PVC foam panel has a smooth, glare-free surface, which allows us to digitally print on it. If you choose to go with a double-sided PVC Sign – because it has the same, printable surface on both sides, it will be easy to provide high-quality prints on each side to double up the effect you’re after.

With PVC you are not limited to only square-shaped signs. We offer PVC signage in your custom shapes. Additionally, PVC can be easily fastened to the walls with standard, pin or standoff mounting systems. Pick one of the many accessories we offer for signage installation, depending on the installation location.


  • Double-sided
  • UV protected
  • Glare-free
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use


You can order one or double-sided printing on PVC Signs. Choose one of our many templates or upload your image to our designing tool to get it printed on the sign. We use premium UV and digital printers, which dry the inks with ultraviolet rays making the sign sun resistant. This process prolongs the life of the printing, so your PVC Sign will retain its vivid colors for a long period.


We provide cutting services for your PVC sign with a premium CNC cutting machine. Being controlled by CAD software it provides high accuracy and low material waste. The spindle of CNC router is perfect for machining a wide variety of rigid materials. For cutting thin PVC we also offer laser cutting to have the required custom size and shape. Flexibility and the power of laser beams of the cutting machine can burn and cut complex structures.

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