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Mesh Banners


Mesh banners are a durable outdoor signage type that makes use of a criss-crossed fiber pattern for maximum airflow. These banners are manufactured with a strong polyester material that’s UV and weather resistant. Perfect for windy locations and outdoor events, mesh banners are the ideal option for an eye-catching, outdoor sign that’s affordable and easy to install. When deciding between a mesh banner and other options like vinyl banners or fabric banners, you have to consider the hanging location. You’ll most commonly see mesh banners displayed on fences at sporting events, construction sites, and storefronts. These locations require airflow that mesh banners are designed for and the material is built to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

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Mesh Banners vs Vinyl Banners: Which Is Right For You?

Approximately 627,000 small businesses open their doors every year. No matter what industry they’re in, they all need an eye-catching sign to show off their business’s headquarters.

But permanent signs take time to install and you still need a way to tell your customers where you are. Banners are the best option.

They’re affordable, fast to make, and can convey your logo and business name just as clearly. When choosing the right banner for your business, you’ll need to decide between vinyl and mesh banners.

Here’s what you need to know about each option so you can make the best choice possible.

Vinyl Banners Explained

Vinyl banners are high-quality advertising options printed on thick, weather-resistant vinyl sheeting. The vinyl itself comes in different colors, but most businesses choose to print high-contrast color images on either side of the banner.

Because the sheets are solid, they’re ideal for showing off detailed images. They’re somewhat heavy, letting the banner hold its shape when on display and can get used both indoors and outside.

Each vinyl banner is custom-made and features whatever designs and information you specify. As long as you’re working with a quality printer, you’ll be able to convey the information and images clearly without the colors running or bleeding.

Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl is by far the most common type of banner on the market. You’ll see them outside, posted on street corners or even getting used as temporary signage for new business. Here’s what makes them such a great option.


Vinyl is incredibly durable and can stand up to constant exposure to UV rays without fading or cracking. The banners are also tear-resistant and can get rolled up for long-term storage without issue.

They’re also incredibly water-resistant, letting you use them outside even in inclement weather. If they do get wet, they’ll dry on their own in the sun.

They’re Affordable

Vinyl is so popular because it’s one of the most affordable banner materials on the market. This makes it ideal for new businesses and community events working with a limited marketing and advertising budget.

Keep in mind that the more colors you choose and the more complicated the image is, the more expensive the banner will be. That said, you should be able to get a quality banner without breaking your budget or sacrificing the quality of the design.

Vinyl Is Versatile

Vinyl stands up to the weather without fading prematurely. But it also works well indoors. If you’re looking for a banner to use at indoor trade shows as well as outdoor markets, vinyl is your best option.

Understanding Mesh Banners

Mesh banners, like their vinyl counterparts, can display information and complex images to your audience. But unlike vinyl banners, mesh banners are not solid.

They have small holes punched throughout the banner. Those holes allow wind gusts to pass through the banner rather than catching on the solid vinyl material. This makes mesh banners ideal for outdoor use as they’re less likely to rip off of their tie-downs.

Benefits of Mesh

Many businesses use vinyl and custom mesh banners almost interchangeably. Both advertise your services or event easily but mesh has some unique benefits that set it apart from standard vinyl.

Increased Visibility

Vinyl banners are solid sheets and block light completely. Mesh banners still allow some light to pass through, making it easier for people to see what’s going on behind the banner.

If you’re planning on using the banner in a store-front window, the mesh will let you maximize the amount of natural light the space receives.

Mesh banners are also easier to read when the wind kicks up. This is because the holes punched through the material allow the wind to pass through without moving the banner around. Vinyl banners catch the wind and fold over.

When the banner is constantly moving or crumpled up in the wind, it’s harder to read and your audience might miss your message.

They’re Lightweight

Vinyl banners are relatively heavy and the larger your banner is, the more material you’ll need to haul around. Mesh banners are much lighter making them easier to transport and hang on your own.

UV-Resistant Inks Are Standard

Mesh banners should last for years without fading or losing color. This is because they’re printed with UV-resistant ink as a standard feature.

The less color fade you have, the clearer the message will stay. Vinyl banners can use those same inks, but you will pay extra for the higher-quality ink.

Which Is Right for Your Needs?

Ultimately, the banner you choose for your business or event depends on the way you plan on using it and how much you’re willing to pay for the banner.

Vinyl banners are perfect for indoor applications or short-term outdoor use in areas where the wind will stay calm. Their bright colors and solid surface allow you to display more intricate images more easily. They’re also more affordable, letting you get a more detailed or larger banner at a lower price.

Mesh banners are the perfect choice for continued outdoor use. They won’t move in the wind so your message will be visible in different weather conditions.

Since they don’t fade quickly, you’ll be able to reuse the banner for years to come. However, you will pay more for the mesh than you will for vinyl. Printing on it is a bit more difficult and requires more experience and higher-quality inks than vinyl.

Order Your Banner Today

Getting your message in front of people doesn’t always have to happen online. Both vinyl and mesh banners are a great way to maximize your advertising efforts without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the type of banner you choose, make sure you work with an experienced printer to create an eye-catching design that will speak to your target customers. Contact us today to get started and let our team help you create the perfect banner.

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