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Aluminum Signs



Our aluminum signs are made from a light reinforced plastic core between two layers of 3mm aluminum sheets. The strength and durablility of aluminum makes it ideal for long term signage. They are rust resistant and do not rot or corrode, making them ideal for long term use. Ink is printed directly on the surface of the aluminum, adding depth to your graphics,  and the metal gives your sign a more expensive and lasting look to it.

Ideal For:

  • Longterm signage
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Wall decor, art reproductions, wall fixtures, office and business signage, as well as other custom displays.

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Aluminum Signs That Make Your Message Last

Aluminum signs are perfect for your long-term outdoor or indoor signage needs. Rust and weather-resistant, metal signs will stand up to the elements.

Custom aluminum signs help you stand out from the competition. If you are a property owner, building administrator, or a business owner, aluminum signs are essential for their function and promotional capabilities. Aluminum sign printing keeps an organized system for busy, public locations and is often used to provide directions and important information. Brick-and-mortar businesses use signs to attract and call the attention of passersby.

Print aluminum signs with Signs Done Fast. Whatever type of outdoor sign you need, we can customize it for you. These lightweight signs can be printed on both sides and make excellent hanging indoor signs.

Aside from premium aluminum, we also offer reflective aluminum for great visibility even at night.

Get your message across loud and clear with aluminum sign printing. Upload your design today to get started. Before printing, our print geeks will review your design to check for any technical errors – free of charge.

Choose from three (3) types of signs for your business:

Parking signs: Feature your brand in areas where tons of traffic pass through. Use no parking signs, handicap parking signs, and reserved parking signs to be the first thing people see when they park.

Real estate signs: Get potential clients to pick up the phone or knock on your property’s door with real estate sign printing. Display sale signs, open house signs, or yard signs to spark the interest of clientele looking to buy, rent, or lease your real estate or property.

Property signs: Warn potential intruders or innocent bystanders of the danger of going into your space with property sign printing. Use no trespassing signs, private property signs, or any warning signs to protect your property and people.

Aluminum Signs FAQs

Q: What file formats 
A: We accept files in JPEG, PNG, PDF, and TIF format. For high-quality results, we require setting your file resolutions to a minimum of 300 dpi and in CMYK mode. This also helps you avoid running into issues while uploading your artwork.

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